About John Arcovio


John Arcovio serves as President and founder of Spirit Led Ministries and Founder,Apostle/Prophet of Spirit Led Church located in Santa Rosa, California, President and Founder of Spirit Led Ministries, Inc., Prophet/Overseer of Liberty Tabernacle- Pastor Brian Lane located in New Whiteland, Indiana, Prophet/Overseer of Calvary Apostolic Churches of Great Britain  as well as Overseer of churches in Andre Pradesh, India. Apostle Arcovio has trained, equipped and released over 150 ministers over the past 30 years and has licensed and ordained 25 ministers thru Spirit Led Ministries,


John Arcovio received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus Name on July 9th, 1975. He recognized and received his call into the ministry in 1980 at the age of 16 years old. John Arcovio’s parents were church planters, planting churches in the 70’s and 80′ in Texas and Florida. John Arcovio began full-time evangelistic ministry in 1985. In 1992 he met and married Andrea McDonald from Eureka, CA. Andrea’s parents pastored Full Gospel Tabernacle in Eureka, CA for 40 years. Andrea and John traveled in full-time evangelistic ministry from 1992-1999. In 1994 John Arcovio helped Nathaniel Haney from Stockton California plant a church in Santa Rosa, CA (preaching for the church while conducting lengthy revivals for Christian Life Center, Stockton, CA). When Pastor Nathaniel Haney felt impressed to resign and return to Stockton to help his father, John Arcovio expressed a burden for the city of Santa Rosa, CA and expressed his desire for Santa Rosa, CA. Bishop Kenneth Haney advised John Arcovio to come to Stockton, CA and serve on staff instead and he submitted to this advice. In 1998 John Arcovio preached a revival for then pastor of The Church of Acts in Santa Rosa, CA and at the close of the revival, pastor Mark Johnson expressed to John Arcovio that several prophetic words had been spoken ion the meeting that confirmed their decision to resign and return to Modesto to assist Randy Keyes of Revival Tabernacle. Pastor Johnson informed John Arcovio that he was resigning the next day (Sunday) and John Arcovio was not required to be in the service. When John Arcovio returned to his hotel room that evening, the Lord spoke to him and reminded him of the burden and calling He had placed upon John Arcovio’s heart. John called Brother Johnson and expressed he wanted to be considered to be pastor of The Church of Acts. Brother Johnson informed him that he had turned the decision over to District Superintendent Paul Price and to call him. John called Brother Price and was assured that his name would be presented to the board of The Church of Acts.The timing for Brother Arcovio to be in Santa Rosa proved not to be right as his name was never presented.

He then served as senior pastor for over the next ten years in Fortuna, California & St Joseph, Missouri.

During this time he trained, mentored and released over 20 different Ministers who are actively involved in full-time ministry across the world. He founded two church plant works, helped start /build over 20 overseas churches and helped build two bible colleges. He also conducted over 150 Holy Ghost Crusades on four continents, in over 35 countries, witnessing over 600,000 people filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. His books, CD’s, DVD’s and other publications have been circulated thorough the world, blessing and enhancing the lives of thousands.He also founded the annual “Eagle’s Summit Apostolic Conference” which is held in various nations.

He also served during this time as a sought after prophetic minister, international crusades director, and popular conference speaker. He also founded Spirit Led Ministries International during this time which produces ministry resource materials and serves as a multifaceted international outreach. He also wrote numerous books including the bestseller, The Way of The Eagle, which has been translated into eight different languages (Mandarin,Hungarian,Amharic,Telugu,French Malay,Russian,Spanish).

John Arcovio is presently available to minister out in a limited basis for leadership training and Apostolic ministry of Awakening, Alignment and Activation. Please call 1-888-776-0797 x1 to schedule a meeting.